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All our products are brand new or like new. Before we rent a product again, it is always checked for technically perfect performance.

Gaming on a new level
The revolution in gaming is called ROG Ally. The first handheld console from ASUS delivers what it promises: full power in an ultra-compact format. The built-in AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme, the fast RAM and the large, expandable SSD memory guarantee top-class performance. The ROG Ally thus sets new standards and ushers in a new era for handheld consoles. Thanks to the impressive performance and the crisp Full HD touch display of the ROG Ally, you are able to enjoy every Triple A title and every indie game to the fullest. Together with Windows 11 and the new Armory Crate UI, you have convenient and customisable access to all your favourite games. Overcome the limits of gaming with the ROG Ally!

All your games anytime, anywhere
Enjoying PC, console and mobile games on one device is no longer a dream with the ROG Ally. From AAA titles to indie games, you can choose from all the games you've always wanted to play on the go. Windows 11 makes it possible, transforming the ROG Ally from a conventional console to a mobile computer. No matter which platform you choose, whether Battle.net, Origin, Ubisoft Connect, Steam, Xbox Game Pass or another launcher. With the ROG Ally, you have access to every game. So waiting for the bus or long journeys on the train become your personal gaming island, where you can let off steam as you please.

A display to fall in love with
Smooth gameplay is a must for daily gaming. The ROG Ally helps you make every game a unique experience. The 7-inch touch display allows maximum control and impresses with its Full HD resolution and the insanely fast refresh rate of 120Hz. This gives you the smoothest and most precise gameplay that any handheld console has ever offered. Thanks to a peak brightness of 500 nits, the ROG Ally is ready for gaming at any time of day, even outdoors. Added to this are vibrant colours that give you 100% sRGB coverage. In combination with the Full HD display, every gaming landscape is transformed into a spectacle for your eyes.

Prohibitedly powerful performance
How much power can be packed into such a small device? The answer is: a lot! Built into the ROG Ally is the ultra-fast Custom AMD Z1 Extreme APU Zen4 with 8 cores, 16 threads as well as 8.6 TFlops. Together with the 16GB DDR5 memory, you will be able to master any AAA game. The expandable up to 512GB PCI-e Gen4 SSD storage allows you to store your favourite games on the ROG Ally without having to constantly re-download them. The extra Micro SD slot makes expanding the memory a breeze, so you can build an even bigger game library when you feel like it. You can enjoy this concentrated power wherever you go, because at only 608g, the ROG Ally is a feather-light console that fits comfortably in your hand. With a battery life of up to 8 hours, you can experience the first-class performance even when you're waiting for longer. Grab the ROG Ally when and where you want!

ROG Alley

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ASUS Rog Ally

ASUS Rog Ally


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ASUS Rog Ally


monthly for 12 months


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Find what suits you

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Enjoy the device worry-free

In case of damage, we cover 90% of the repair costs of all types.

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Return it or keep it

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Close the loop

After returning your device, we will clean it, repair it and rent it again.

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At Yuno, we only rent out new products and used ones in top condition. When a device is rented again, it first undergoes an extensive quality check and then a multi-step refurbishment process. This makes it look and function like new and ready for the next rental. This way you can be sure that every piece of equipment arrives in perfect condition. If you do run into any problems, you can always contact our customer service team.

The first month's rent will be debited directly with your order. Your rent starts here and the following rentals are due on the same day in the following month. However, to make sure you don't pay more than you actually use your product, you must return your product to us on the day of the month you received it, not the day you ordered it. That way, you can be sure you'll be able to use your product for the full amount of time you paid for it.

If something happens to your device, Yuno Care coverage is there for you. This applies to repairs of all kinds, from display breakage to water damage to technical defects. Manufacturer-related device defects are of course 100% covered. If a device cannot be repaired, we cover 90% of the product price at the time of your order. If damage occurs, contact us and we will clarify the next steps together.

No, you don't. The idea of Yuno is that you use your rental device as if it belonged to you. We remove small scratches and normal signs of use free of charge after returning the device. However, in case of more severe wear and tear, especially on the display, a repair is necessary. Here, the Yuno Care coverage takes effect and takes over 90% of the costs for you.

When you rent a product from us, we do a quick check in the background to make sure you are a real person. We also run a short automatic credit check. For this, it is extremely important that you enter your data correctly during checkout and do not make any typing errors. If the data or credit check is negative, we unfortunately cannot rent you a product. We will refund your payment and contact you with more information or next steps. Checks usually take less than one working day, but there may be a delay if there are a lot of requests.

You can easily pay by credit card. Secure and SSL encrypted by Stripe Payments.

We will then collect the rent from your credit card every month. Always on the day you gave up the rent. So you don't have to worry about anything.

When you place your order, you pay the first rent immediately. But don't worry, to keep the rental fair you don't have to return your unit to us until the day of the month it arrived.

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