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When is Yuno perfect for you?

You want the latest technology at the best monthly price?

Forget high purchase costs and lengthy financing contracts. By reusing equipment, we can offer our devices at a lower price than financing providers. Plus, you don't have to sign a lengthy contract with us. Stay flexible and still pay less every month.

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You are not sure if it's the right device for you?

It's easy to test the sound of AirPods Max or dive into the Metaverse with a Meta Quest. Rent products for as little as one month and find out if the device meets your needs before you decide to buy. We offer free shipping and returns.

You just want to upgrade to the new model?

Stay on the ball and look forward to the release of the new iPhone. With Yuno, you can easily upgrade after the end of your rental period when a new model is on the market. Save yourself the hassle of selling your devices and simply send them back to us free of charge.

You want to professionalise your side project?

For optimal performance on your master's thesis, DJ gig or other projects. With Yuno, you can take your projects to the next level. And when you've found a new Side Hustle next month, simply switch to another device.

You want the coolest pictures on holiday?

With us, you don't have to buy an expensive camera or use your friends' discarded equipment. Rent for as little as one month. And if your holiday lasts a little longer, you can simply keep renting at the same monthly price.

You want to use technology more sustainably?

Save a drawer just for old devices. Yuno makes using tech sustainable and easier than ever. Wir sorgen dafür, dass die Produkte möglichst lange verwendet werden können und überholen sie bei Bedarf. When you upgrade to a new device, your old one gets a new life in the next rental adventure. Better for you, better for the environment!

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