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Meta's most advanced headset yet. A completely new way to work, create and collaborate. With groundbreaking high-definition Mixed Reality, you can effortlessly interact with the virtual world while staying present in your physical space in high-definition colour. The journey from idea to collaboration has never been easier. Design in Mixed Reality while anchored in your own physical design space. Invite employees around the world to join your space and collaborate on shared designs in real time. Meta Quest Pro brings this together in VR to change perspectives on the way we design for physical and virtual worlds. With the help of VR painting and various studio apps, the creative process goes to a whole other level. What if you could see the inside of a house or building before it is built? Or lift a skyscraper with one hand to check its structural integrity? With high-definition mixed reality passthrough, you and your colleagues can do that and more. Authentic avatar expressions mimic your natural facial expressions, so you can be fully present in meetings and gatherings with friends and bring more of your true personality to life in VR. An optimised profile and balanced design make you more comfortable so you can work, create and collaborate in VR for longer. And with flexible VR immersivity levels, the virtual world is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. It's great even if you wear glasses.Introducing Infinite Display with Quest Pro. Get a slimmer, lighter headset design thanks to innovative, patented pancake lens and display technology that reduces the optical stack by over 40%. Enjoy more engaging VR content with crisp, clear images at 22 pixels per degree, 75% higher contrast and a 1.3x larger colour gamut for more vibrant colours. Whatever you need to do, you have a superpower. Open up multiple resizable screens to organise tasks, collaborate on ideas, stream podcasts, news feeds and playlists, or simply message with friends. It's never been easier to multitask. With self-tracking controllers balanced to hold TruTouch feedback and provide haptic feedback, and precise pinch for fine control, VR has never felt so intuitive and natural - it's as if the controllers are natural extensions of your hands in VR. Meta Quest Pro comes with all the accessories and more to get you started working, creating and collaborating - Meta Quest Touch Pro controller, charging dock with fast USB-C power adapter, 10 advanced VR/MR sensors, 256GB storage, 12GB RAM, and a Snapdragon XR2+ Qualcomm processor.

Storage capacity
256 GB

Screen technology

Refresh rate
90 Hz

Field of view

Limited quantity

Oculus Meta Quest Pro VR Glasses

256 GB - Black

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monthly for 12 month(s), then cancellable monthly.

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256 GB



Oculus Meta Quest Pro VR Glasses


monthly for 12 months


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Find what suits you
Find what suits you

Choose your product and the minimum term. You can always renew.

Enjoy the device worry-free
Enjoy the device worry-free

In case of damage, we cover 90% of the repair costs of all types.

Return it or keep it
Return it or keep it

At the end of the rental period, you can simply continue to rent or return your device.

Close the loop
Close the loop

After returning your device, we will clean it, repair it and rent it again.

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At Yuno, we only rent out new products and used ones in top condition. When a device is rented again, it first undergoes an extensive quality check and then a multi-step refurbishment process. This makes it look and function like new and ready for the next rental. This way you can be sure that every piece of equipment arrives in perfect condition. If you do run into any problems, you can always contact our customer service team.

The first month's rent will be debited directly with your order. Your rent starts here and the following rentals are due on the same day in the following month. However, to make sure you don't pay more than you actually use your product, you must return your product to us on the day of the month you received it, not the day you ordered it. That way, you can be sure you'll be able to use your product for the full amount of time you paid for it.

If something happens to your device, Yuno Care coverage is there for you. This applies to repairs of all kinds, from display breakage to water damage to technical defects. Manufacturer-related device defects are of course 100% covered. If a device cannot be repaired, we cover 90% of the product price at the time of your order. If damage occurs, contact us and we will clarify the next steps together.

No, you don't. The idea of Yuno is that you use your rental device as if it belonged to you. We remove small scratches and normal signs of use free of charge after returning the device. However, in case of more severe wear and tear, especially on the display, a repair is necessary. Here, the Yuno Care coverage takes effect and takes over 90% of the costs for you.

When you rent a product from us, we do a quick check in the background to make sure you are a real person. We also run a short automatic credit check. For this, it is extremely important that you enter your data correctly during checkout and do not make any typing errors. If the data or credit check is negative, we unfortunately cannot rent you a product. We will refund your payment and contact you with more information or next steps. Checks usually take less than one working day, but there may be a delay if there are a lot of requests.

You can easily pay by credit card. Secure and SSL encrypted by Stripe Payments.

We will then collect the rent from your credit card every month. Always on the day you gave up the rent. So you don't have to worry about anything.

When you place your order, you pay the first rent immediately. But don't worry, to keep the rental fair you don't have to return your unit to us until the day of the month it arrived.

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